Board Meeting Advice

How Board Portals Can Help You to Reach Your Goals?

Do you need a powerful, affordable solution that makes remote board meetings as natural and efficient as possible? The board portal offers a wide range of conferencing tools that can be easily implemented into the corporate structure. Here is more about it. 

Board portal: secure communication at the board level

Face-to-face board meetings are not always possible due to illness, maternity leave, travel restrictions due to cost savings, or government restrictions such as physical distancing in the context of Covid-19. Moreover, in these remote meetings, the sound quality is often problematic, and if there are many participants, it is often difficult to see who is speaking. That is why the relevance of simple remote solutions is increasing.

In modern business processes, more than 50% of working time is often devoted to meetings, while communications remain an important non-digitized link. Long preparation of the results of meetings – meeting notes – reduces efficiency: it requires routine manual work, forcing managers to waste time reminding instructions. In contrast, colleagues who missed the meeting are completely deprived of context. All this hurts business and business culture. The new solution solves these issues and develops the concept of a single digital workplace, where the workflow is easily automated and managed from simple interfaces. Nowadays, virtual technology is widely used in board management practice. All that is required for software solutions for organizing video communications and video conferencing is a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone.

If you want a successful board of directors, you need to ensure that management and board members communicate effectively. The board portal allows for secure collaboration while ensuring compliance with security standards. It makes it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. According to, the platform combines all the latest development trends and functionality that meet the requirements of modern users. The platform can be used for meetings, lectures, surveys, file and message exchange, event planning, and recording. The solution is best suited if the number of participants is small or if the majority are located in different geographical locations.

The necessary board portal features to reach your goals

With board software secure online folders, board members can collaborate on documents and content-based processes while increasing data security, compliance, and governance. You can give users the same ease of use they know from consumer cloud applications and add elegant transitions to protected email modes for secure collaboration. 

With the board portal, you can: 

  • make all board documents available in a central board portal – no more printing or mailing board materials;
  • edit Microsoft Office and G-Suite files in real-time;
  • upload/download agendas, minutes, and budgets with the same ease of use as in consumer cloud file sharing apps;
  • request files from committee members and senior management so sensitive content can be uploaded securely;
  • secure and legally compliant access to all documents, from any device, from anywhere; 
  • create virtual data rooms and subfolders, manage external users, and delegate permissions based on your business needs;
  • send attachments directly to and from your data room folders via secure email;
  • define roles and policies to maintain administrative control without interfering with other workflows.

In addition, the board portal allows users to share their audio, slides, chats, videos, and desktops with their clients, colleagues, and partners. Board members can annotate, zoom, highlight, draw, and write on presentations, making emphasis clearer. To receive feedback from conference participants, the built-in polling functionality is used. In addition, conferences and webinars can be recorded and made available for later viewing.