Board Meeting Advice

Govenda Boardroom Review

A board meeting is a quality working tool for solving many corporate problems. In this article, we will consider how to organize meetings via the Govenda service.

Boardroom – a great tool for corporate meetings

The digital “nature” of IP telephony provides all the benefits for the business environment. Namely, many modern convenient tools and solutions that increase the quality and productivity of the dialogue, help to turn a potential customer or organize online working collaboration. In addition, IP telephony is almost unlimited in terms of scaling, easily integrated with other networks and systems for communication and data processing.

Project management to quickly and efficiently achieve goals. In addition, in the process of forming a whole system of complexes that can be used to achieve the overall goals of the company, as well as developing a scheme for a reasonable allocation of resources. There is a whole range of such tasks from the exchange of information on the status of decisions made to brainstorming sessions, during which both new ways to improve the product and the details of the transformation of the management system are born.

A boardroom meeting is a perfect solution for productive project management and a secure working environment. The specificity of a board meeting is the ability of participants to receive, share information and discuss it. They are used for presentations, business meetings, partner conferences, internal corporate meetings.

Govenda: what is it?

Govenda is one of the most functional, minimalist, and convenient developments designed for video conferencing, business communication, webinars, and friendly communication. With high functionality and ease of service for all types of teamwork, you do not have to install special software on your PC. The required modules are automatically “loaded” upon authorization. Another important advantage of the service is a better and more stable connection.

The software is changing the board portal landscape by offering highly secure board management solutions with cutting-edge technology. Instead of referring to complicated, customer-specific implementations, Govenda offers a true SaaS solution that companies can implement in hours instead of weeks/months, requires no IT resources, and puts the control in the hands of administrators. This approach allows for continuous improvement, which means extreme ease of use for your board members.

The most common functions of Govenda are:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity tracking
  • Alarm function/notifications
  • Customizable templates
  • Attendance management
  • Archiving & storage
  • Audit trail
  • Task management
  • Authentication
  • Document management
  • Compliance Management

The service provides many opportunities for a clear organization of the event in accordance with the selected scenario. For example, the roles of videoconference participants are divided between the owner, speakers, participants, chat windows are structured (the general program window shows a list of participants, a window for exchanging instant messages, a speaker’s document, a webcam panel). Participants can signal their desire to join the discussion, request remote access to the presented document, participate in surveys.

What are the benefits?

Arguments in favor of boardroom meetings may be the following s:

  • Boardrooms are an alternative to open seminars. The company saves budget money, as there are no expenses for business trips, hotels, relocations.
  • The number of meetings participants is not limited. Online learning technology allows you to simultaneously engage with a number of employees. In addition, webinars provide an opportunity to simultaneously train employees of the main office and branches of the company.
  • The boardroom can be recorded and then easily refreshed at any time. The recorded event can be passed on to other employees of the company.
  • The security of your digital business. The digital workspace includes a complete set of security features to protect applications, data, and devices.