Board Meeting Advice

What Makes a Board Meeting Effective?

Online meetings are much more difficult than offline meetings. Thus, this article will provide general tips on how to make a board meeting more efficient and easy to operate.

The necessity of board meetings

Since most of us have been working from home for over a year now, everyone is already accustomed to the fact that more work meetings take place online. In this case, a boardroom is a powerful tool for ensuring a secure workspace and data storage.

The most common situations when you should consider a management board are:

  • You want to restructure one or more production areas.
  • You are introducing a new product series/product variants.
  • You are introducing new technology.
  • You are converting a production process or assembly process.

Advantages of board communication

Once you’ve seen the benefits of working in a boardroom environment, you’re likely to find more ways to digitally transform your workplace. What can you do within a boardroom meeting?

  • Ensure the security of your digital business. The digital workplace includes a complete set of security features to protect applications, data, and devices.
  • Provide employees with reliable access to applications, data, and content from any device. Users access any application from the unified application store.
  • Give IT more control over sensitive information. You can choose where to store your data. For example, they can be stored behind a firewall, in a private or public cloud. You can also log into a unified dashboard to enforce consistent security policies across platforms and devices.
  • Simplify workplace administration. IT administrators can manage mobile devices, traditional desktops, laptops, and IoT devices from a single platform.

How to make it more productive?

How to conduct an effective board meeting? For correspondence meetings, there are only two additional emphases: the duration of the meeting and the technical base or platform. So, there are certain criteria that will help to make your online event more progressive:

  • Purpose of the meeting. It takes the most time to formulate a goal.
  • Tasks – as a rule, no more than 3-5 tasks per meeting, up to two hours long.
  • The image of the result for the business – as the goal and objectives that we have identified for the meeting, work on the values and priorities of the business as a whole. It is important to carry out this check, because if the connection is not visible, then it is not worth wasting time on such a meeting.
  • Type and timing of meetings – here we define ourselves with regularity and fix the schedule. It assists participants in planning and preparation, increasing both personal and group effectiveness.
  • Meeting rules – we determine the boundaries of what is acceptable, the order of the conversation, as well as the roles. For online meetings, this block is important, because without a rule of order for the provision of voice, for example, the chances that you will be heard are minimal. We formulate no more than seven rules and carefully monitor their observance. Roles important for the meeting: moderator (leader of the meeting), administrator (holder of time and context) – and for online meetings, it is better to separate the roles of administrator and context holder – expert, critic.
  • What is important to do at the meeting altogether – we fix the key decisions for the result of the meeting.
  • Separately, for online meetings, the technical platform is important. Therefore, high-quality board meeting software, communication, and check-in before the meeting are a must.